Nagaland, a land of music and festivals, is one of those states of India which has been long known for their varied tribes and picturesque landscapes. Bordering the states of Assam and Arunachal, this state has a lot of things to offer. The songs of Nagaland touches your heart and the music that they create by feet tapping touches one’s soul.

Nagaland is best known for its subtropical rainforests. The landscapes are picturesque and climate is salubrious throughout the year. Nagas are known for their hospitality and fun-loving nature. Adventure loving people can enjoy trekking, rock climbing, and jungle camping.

The Heritage, Kohima

The Heritage, Kohima is an old colonial building located on the hilltop with magnificent views. This property houses four rooms in total. The suite is the original bedroom of the DC’s who served in Kohima. The two double bedrooms were previously used by the DC’s family. The old world colonial feeling gives an amazing experience to the guests who are staying here. The restaurant serves Chinese, continental and Indian food. Tariff Input from

Tuophema Tourist Vilage, Kohima

Tuophema Tourist Village is located 41 km away from the main town of Kohima which borders Burma. The huts in this place are built in traditional Naga style. Traditional naga food is one of the best attractions of this village. Learn about local Angami Hospitality and culture, traditional food and costumes and explore the surroundings by foot while staying in this village. The tender slope, pictorial views of the surrounding hills, and an authentic experience of ethnic Naga culture — make Tuophema Tourist Village a unique place to visit. The community-run tourism is run by various ‘khels’ or clans in the village to exhibit the Angami hospitality and its customs. The huts provide all the modern facilities. The community kitchen delivers local cuisine and locally brewed rice beer. Tuophema also offers village walks, treks in the vicinity and a museum as well. Tariff Input from @wethenagas eliasiris.x, greeny1588, onkaar7