East Sikkim

Waiba Homestay, Dzuluk

The very new, well built two storied Waiba Homestay at Dzuluk (Zuluk) is welcoming guests now. Dzuluk is a staying point on the so-called Old Silk Route in East Sikkim. Waiba Homestay has 5 rooms with attached western style baths. Each room can hosts four travelers. Home cooked foods are served in the common dining place.

Rolep Homestay, East Sikkim

Located at East Sikkim, Rolep is a beautiful hamlet beside the Rolep river. Surrounded by green hilly terrain in all sides, the fast-flowing river runs with extreme cold current from the lakes of North Sikkim. The tastefully built homestay at Rolep hosts three rooms attached to western washrooms.

Agamlok, East Sikkim

A tiny sherpa village on the Eastern part of Sikkim and the onset to the Old Silk route, Agamlok is a very new addition to the quaint Sikkimese villages. Beautiful views of the Singalila range along with the mountains of Buthan and Tibet, this place is a real treasure of the travelers.

Lossing, East Sikkim

Lossing is a small river-side village at East Sikkim. Located beside the Rangpo-Rorathang Road, 40 Km from Gangtok and 65 Km from Kalimpong, Lossing is a relatively unknown destination in Sikkim. Surrounded by the mountains and valleys of the east Himalayas, this picturesque village has very few homestays to stay.

Pastanga, Sikkim

Located 23 km away from Gangtok, this Rai village is popularly known as Pastanga. Enjoy the traditional village life of Sikkim in Pastanga. The guests will be overwhelmed by the local traditions, food habits, local lifestyle and other forms of cultural expression while staying in this East District Village.

Homestays at Yakten

Yakten (or Yaakten) is a small human settlement in the foothills of the Himalayas in East-Sikkim. With it’s uninterrupted views of mountains and valleys, Yakten also offers rich cultural heritage of Sikkimese people.

Shraddha Home Stay, Dalapchand, Aritar

Shraddha Home Stay is small, family owned homestay at Dalapchand, Aritar near the Lampokhari Lake. This is a homely stay with comfortable rooms and attached western washrooms. The view is beautiful with the mighty Kanchenjunga range and surrounding greenery.

Silent Wood Retreat, Padamchen

Padamchen (Phadamchen) is a small village in East Sikkim, located on the Young Husband Track (commonly known as the Old Silk Route), just 14 Km uphill from Rongli and 4 Km downhill from Dzuluk. Due to its placement on a slope, the temperature does not fall to a sub-zero in winters, making it a preferable stay point in the route. It offers the unobstructed view of barren mountains of Tibetan plateau yet has better infrastructure than Dzuluk. Padamchen is located at 8000ft above the sea level and inside the Himalayan temperate forest with a large avian population. The Thambi View Point, where from you can gaze The Kanchenjunga range in a 360° diorama, is 18 Km from here. In a drive through the Old Silk Route, you can enjoy the zig-zag turns and loops of the track, the high-altitude lakes at Kupup and Memencho, the Tibetan village at Gnathang and a colourful sunset in the valley. Silent Wood Retreat is located in the middle of a private forest at Padamchen. This colourful, small accommodation is …

Heaven Valley Homestay, Mankhim

Blessed with panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjungha and the top view of green Lampokhri Lake, Mankhim (pronounced as Mangkim) is apparently a new travel destination near Aritar, East Sikkim. Heaven Valley Homestay is a family owned homestay situated at the view point of Mankhim. There are four basic cottage type accommodation with a cottage on the edge (also called as Glass House). Clean and simple Heaven Valley Homestay offers warmth of Sikkimese hospitality, home cooked authentic food and absolute 360 degree view of the Himalayas. Mankhim is probably one of the rarest places where three types mountains are visible at the same view – the lower altitude green hills, the barren red mountains and the snow capped picks.

Reshi River Camp, Rishi Khola, Sikkim

Reshi River Camp is a stay point at the Sikkim side of Reshi (Rishi) River. It offers eight well decorated river facing rooms, attached bath with running water and a dining area. It has a nice Pine forest backdrop and gorgeous Reshi River flowing in the front. The dining is basic but clean and hygienic. Reshi River Bed is known for its scenic beauty, birding and hiking activities. It is also a human habitat in lower side of Old Silk Route – at the entrance of North-East Sikkim.