West Bengal

Chatakpur Eco Hut and Homestays

Chatakpur is one of India’s secret, small remote unexplored hill rich in biodiversity and indigenous cultures. It is a small village located in the eastern part of the Himalayan Range, in the north of West Bengal at 7887 ft. altitude. It is a 180 years old ethnic village with 19 houses and a population of about 89. It is about 20 km. from Darjeeling and 72 km. from Siliguri.

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On the northern side, Chatakpur is surrounded by the Mt. Kanchenjunga and on the southern side the undulating green valley and the meandering river gorge of Relly Khola resides. Weather in summer is pleasant, the average temperature is around 12-25 degrees. In the winter, an average temperature is 2- 12 degree and snowfall is common here.

The Locals belong to either “Rai Community” or “Sherpa Community”. The terrace cultivation of organic crops and the shrubs and medicinal herbs acquired from the forest, form the means of livelihood of the locals. The place offers majestic views of Mt. Kanchenjungha, lush greenery, forest trails and wooden cottages and, in short, is an ideal destination for those seeking peace and tranquility in the Himalayas.

Chatakpur has almost all the ingredients of a fairy tale, a picture-perfect scenery and a happy ending.

Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary

Chatakpur Village situated within the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, Darjeeling. The sanctuary with an area of 38.88 sq. km has an elevation of 1500-2600 m. Surrounded by high mountains Senchal receives a very heavy amount of rain. Also the Sanctuary is crisscrossed by number of streams and Jhoras. Such a water-rich situation has made this Sanctuary the water supply source for Darjeeling Town. The Senchal Lake is the main reservoir of this supply.

Himalayan Black Bear /  wwf_camera_trap

Himalayan Black Bear / wwf_camera_trap

Forest types include Fir-Hemlock-Oak Mixed forest, Oak forest and Broadleaved evergreen forest. Approximately 380-400 flowering plants. Various species of Rhododendron and Michelia, Oak, Pine and Birch. Hydrangea, Orchids, Daphne and Mahonia. High-altitude animals such as barking deer, wild pig, himalayan black bear, leopard, jungle cat, common rhesus monkey, Assam macaque, Himalayan flying squirrel, etc. are found in their natural habitats. The sanctuary is also rich in bird life.

Chatakpur Eco Hut (Eco Village Resort)

Chatakpur Eco Hut has two wooden cottages. Each cottage has two room with double bed occupancy, with enough space to accommodate three. Rooms are well furnished wall to wall carpet, room heater, attached washroom with hot water. Organic Traditional food are served in both for vegetarian and non-vegetarian variety.
Room Tariff Plan
Cottage DBR – Double Occupancy 3300 AP
Cottage DBR – Triple Occupancy 4180 AP
Service Charge 3.09% On tariff

Chatakpur Homestays

Three are five double-bed rooms available in homestays at Chatakpur. They are clean and comfortable but not with attached bath.

Room Tariff Plan
Homestay DBR – Double Occupancy 2200 AP
Homestay DBR – Triple Occupancy 3300 AP
Service Charge 3.09% On tariff