West Bengal

Chilapata Jungle Camp

Chilapata Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most enriched forests of India in terms of biological diversity. It is located at the foothills of the Eastern Himalaya and perched between Buxa Tiger Reserve and Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the most important migration corridor between Dooars and Assam for One Horned Rhinos and Asiatic Elephants. The ecological boundary of Chilapata is spread across the cliffs of rivers Bania and Torsha. Chilapata hosts 23 species of carnivores and herbivores, nearly 180 species of birds, 22 species of reptiles, and several species of amphibians.

Chilapata Jungle Camp has a rustic look and idyllic setting to harmonize with the surrounding. The complex is covered by trees and a habitat of butterflies and birds. There are two types of cottages – Elephant Cottages are made up of concrete, while the Bamboo Cottages are constructed with eco-friendly local materials. Both of the cottages have respectfully followed the traditional architecture and design of the indigenous tribal houses.

Food, served in a beautiful thatched dining with its four sides open to allow the guests to have an unobtrusive view of the encompassing nature, mainly consists of authentic local recipes, and prepared with fully organic ingredients sourced completely locally.

Guided safaris to the Mendabari watch tower and KodalBasti forests
Visit Nalrajar Garh (fort of the king Nala) inside Chilapata
Day visits to Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jaldapara WLS and Khayerbari Leopard Rescue Centre
Forest trails and walks
Tea tour in the Mathura tea estate a
Cultural experience in the Rabha tribal community