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Culinary Trip to Sikkim

Tourism from a very long time is not only associated with the beauty of the natural surrounding but with the culture and gastronomy of the place. Sikkim is one state in India which has a diversity not only in their culture, natural resources but an extensive gastronomy.

Culinary tourism is a term that well-associated food with tourism. The word culinary is a reference to the ingredients used, food production, utensils used and popular food. Food or culinary tourism became popular since 1998 when a study showed that there are a number of international tourists who are majorly interested traveling to a region to explore its food, culture and ways of eating and dining.

OTAS will take you through the gastronomical journey of Sikkim where you will be introduced to the culture and tradition of Sikkim, their popular drink, food, dining experience and cooking methodology. Some of the trips would be during their festivals to introduce the tourists to the treasured gastronomy of Sikkim.

Itinerary – 9 Days
Day 1 — Tadong

The first destination would be Tadong a quaint village near Richenpong. Greenery all around and Mt Kachenzongha in front, this place is a natural paradise. Lesser known but an excellent option to just lay back and have the best culinary experience at Tadong homestay. At dinner, enjoy the simple Sikkimese dishes and Chang, a local drink.

Day 2 — Tadong

Enjoy the best-made momos in breakfast and start exploring the place around Tadong and visit the Resum Gompa. Resum Gumpa is 4kms away from Kaluk and you have to trek to visit that place. Enjoy the best Sikkimese cuisine at the Tadong homestay.

Day 3 — Darap

After a bowl full of Tupka/a plate of momo start moving towards Darap a beautiful village 8 km from Pelling. Reach Darap at lunch time and enjoy a delightful Sikkimese organic lunch. Enjoy tea in the evening in typical Sikkimese cups designed to salute Sikkimese designer skills. In the evening engage yourself in a bonfire with music and Tongba (a local drink). For dinner enjoy local food and drinks.

Day 4 — Darap

Have a good local breakfast and start to explore the place. Get introduced to the lifestyle of local people, cooking, vegetable gardening, fishing. You can also trek to river or arrange the Rani Dunga trek. Enjoy lunch in a local stall. At dinner have the pleasure of local food and drink.

Day 5 — Yuksom

After breakfast move out for a paradise on the earth Yuksom. On way have local food and reach Yuksom. At Yoksum have a traditional dinner rice, curd, beans, leafy soup, iskus (squash/chow chow) and cheese.

Day 6 — Kewzing

After breakfast, you can ask for “Seal roti” and move out from Yuksom. Come down to Kewzing and enjoy a typical Sikkim farmhouse stay.

Day 7 — Kewzing

Have a grand Sikkimese breakfast at the farmhouse and this is the day to end with a lovely culinary experience. You will be invited to learn to prepare the delicious Sikkimese cuisines at the kitchen of the farmhouse.

Day 8 — Tour Ends

Transfer to Siliguri, nearest rail-head NJP or airport Bagdogra.

Sikkimese Cuisine

A mixed variety of cuisines from the various ethnic groups consisting of the Nepalese, Bhutias and Lepchas.

Momo a steamed dumpling prepared from wheat flour and meat/vegetable
Thukpa a typical Tibetan style noodles with veg/chicken in soup, served hot
Kinema curry a traditional fermented soybean food having unique flavour, served with rice
Gundruk and Sinki a traditional fermented vegetable products prepared rayo sag, leaves of mustard, radish and cauliflower leaves of mustard, radish and cauliflower. Sinki is prepared from radish taproot only.
Sel roti (Saelroti) deep fried, ring-shaped, spongy, pretzel-like product prepared from well-mixed fermented rice batter
Til ko Alu potato curry with sesame seeds a typical Nepali style potato curry mixed with sesame seeds.
Sishnu soup nettle leaves soup, weird to taste but very nutritious.
PickelsVarieties of pickels including dalle khorsani

(From Land of Orchids by Rupali Chauhan)


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