East Sikkim, Sikkim

Dafter Bunglow and Phinasa Lodge, Gnathang (Nathang) Valley

Gnathang Valley (pronounced as Nathang Valley or Gnathan Valley) is a high-altitude plateau, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, situated at 13,500 feet from the sea-level. It is the highest place to stay in the Indian part of the Old Silk Route. It usually remains covered by thick snow from November to mid-April. Due to six-month long sub-zero temperature, the place had remained uninhabited for centuries – making it a cold-desert. Gnathang Valley is one of the most remote Tibetan habitations in Himalaya. Its beauty is virgin and unique in many ways. The forgotten trail of the Old Silk Route is still present here with all its legacy.

There are two places tourists can stay at Gnathang Valley. One is Dafter Bunglow and another is Phinasa Lodge both ran by a Sherpa family. Dafter Bunglow is a 1920 British Customs’ Bunglow. During the early days this bunglow was used for customs duty collection, but it was then renovated by the department of tourism, Sikkim Govt. This is the only stone made construction and a peaceful place to stay. Dafter Bunglow offers three furnished rooms with fire place in each. Every room offers uninterrupted view of the Gnathang Valley.

Phinasa Lodge, Gnathang Valley, is newly constructed basic accommodation having double-bed and four-bed rooms. It is also managed by the same Sherpa family. Rooms are comfortable and clean.

Limited choice healthy and hygienic foods are available at Dafter Bunglow and Phinasa Lodge.

Day Trip from Gnathang – Sunrise point offering panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjonga, Bitan Cho Lake – also known as Elephant Lake at Kupup (14,700 FT), Old Baba Mandir,