Old Silk Route

Serpentine snow-strewn roads, the admirable Kanchenjunga and its range, the historical Jelep-la leading to Tibet and a variety of geographical terrain – from Subtropical Pine forests to the high-altitude Sub-Alpine Forest, then to the red barren Tibetan cold desert.

This route connecting Tibet to the plains of Bengal is used from the ancient time. Though there is no proof of the silk trade through this route, it is now commonly known as “Old Silk Route”. A more appropriate name should be Young Husband Track, named after British officer who rediscovered the route during an expedition in 1904. Now, a zig zag curved road with panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Tibetan valleys takes you to the extraordinary barren land of a cold desert. Staying options are small basic homestays, food choices are limited, but hospitality unquestionable.

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Gnathang Dzuluk Padamchen Aritar Kagey Ramdhura Echey Sillery Yakten Agamlok

Waiba Homestay, Dzuluk

The very new, well built two storied Waiba Homestay at Dzuluk (Zuluk) is welcoming guests now. Dzuluk is a staying point on the so-called Old Silk Route in East Sikkim. Waiba Homestay has 5 rooms with attached western style baths. Each room can hosts four travelers. Home cooked foods are served in the common dining place.

Rolep Homestay, East Sikkim

Located at East Sikkim, Rolep is a beautiful hamlet beside the Rolep river. Surrounded by green hilly terrain in all sides, the fast-flowing river runs with extreme cold current from the lakes of North Sikkim. The tastefully built homestay at Rolep hosts three rooms attached to western washrooms.

Kagey Homestay

Located at 20 Km from Kalimpong, Kagey (or Kagay কাগে) is a small village surrounded by lash green landscape and snow-capped mountains. The panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, multiple short trek and hiking routes, a nearby waterfall, and hospitality of the local residents make Kagey a special destination. It is located at the foothills of so-called “Old Silk Route” near Pedong. Nearby attraction includes Okhlay (5km ride) – a shivalaya mandir is built above the rock on water; Musleri Dara (2 Km) – a silent valley for buddhist meditation; Mukti Falls (2 km) – the last falls of River Kagay where it mixes to River Mudung; Tam Falls (9 Km) – the highest falls of River Kagay. Hikers can go to the Celtic Hidden Cross in the forest of Benda, 4 Km drive, then 3 Km walk from Kagey. Dhami Falls, just 15 min hike from Kagey, should not be missed if you are staying here. The family run homestay at Kagey is nicely built, small and clean stay for nature loving travelers. The rooms …

Agamlok, East Sikkim

A tiny sherpa village on the Eastern part of Sikkim and the onset to the Old Silk route, Agamlok is a very new addition to the quaint Sikkimese villages. Beautiful views of the Singalila range along with the mountains of Buthan and Tibet, this place is a real treasure of the travelers.

Lossing, East Sikkim

Lossing is a small river-side village at East Sikkim. Located beside the Rangpo-Rorathang Road, 40 Km from Gangtok and 65 Km from Kalimpong, Lossing is a relatively unknown destination in Sikkim. Surrounded by the mountains and valleys of the east Himalayas, this picturesque village has very few homestays to stay.

Homestays at Yakten

Yakten (or Yaakten) is a small human settlement in the foothills of the Himalayas in East-Sikkim. With it’s uninterrupted views of mountains and valleys, Yakten also offers rich cultural heritage of Sikkimese people.

Shraddha Home Stay, Dalapchand, Aritar

Shraddha Home Stay is small, family owned homestay at Dalapchand, Aritar near the Lampokhari Lake. This is a homely stay with comfortable rooms and attached western washrooms. The view is beautiful with the mighty Kanchenjunga range and surrounding greenery.

Silent Wood Retreat, Padamchen

Padamchen (Phadamchen) is a small village in East Sikkim, located on the Young Husband Track (commonly known as the Old Silk Route), just 14 Km uphill from Rongli and 4 Km downhill from Dzuluk. Due to its placement on a slope, the temperature does not fall to a sub-zero in winters, making it a preferable stay point in the route. It offers the unobstructed view of barren mountains of Tibetan plateau yet has better infrastructure than Dzuluk. Padamchen is located at 8000ft above the sea level and inside the Himalayan temperate forest with a large avian population. The Thambi View Point, where from you can gaze The Kanchenjunga range in a 360° diorama, is 18 Km from here. In a drive through the Old Silk Route, you can enjoy the zig-zag turns and loops of the track, the high-altitude lakes at Kupup and Memencho, the Tibetan village at Gnathang and a colourful sunset in the valley. Silent Wood Retreat is located in the middle of a private forest at Padamchen. This colourful, small accommodation is …

Road to Tibet

Serpentine snow-strewn roads, the admirable Kanchenjunga and its range, the historical Jelep-la leading to Tibet and a variety of geographical terrain – from Sub-Tropical Pine forests to the high-altitude Sub-Alpine Forest, then to the red barren Tibetan cold desert Source: R. K. Mishra, J. Kiranmai, “State Level Public Enterprises in Sikkim: Policy and Planning” Concept Publishing Company, 2007 Sharma, Eklabya, et al. “A boon for mountain populations: Large cardamom farming in the Sikkim Himalaya.” Mountain Research and Development 20.2 (2000): 108-111.

Homestays at Ramdhura

Ramdhura is a small Bhutia community village located 7 Km from Delo with views of the Kanchenjunga range and the Teesta river. Surrounded by mist covered pine forests and lush green valley, Ramdhura is a perfect place for weekend stay. Proximity to Delo and Pedong makes this place another stay point in Kalimpong-Khasmahal Travel circuit, the footstep of the Old Silk Route. Things to do at Ramdhura Short treks in the pine forest and walk to the village Hike to Icchey and Sillery through dense moist forests and Cinchona plantation Enjoy panoramic views of the mountains and valley from Hanuman Tok viewpoint Visit to British era Jalsa Bungalow Adventure sports activity at Delo   Staying option at Ramdhura Bhutia Homestay is a clean and homely stay at Ramdhura. It offers double-bed rooms with attached western-type bathrooms. The wooden walls gives the rooms a warm, earthy impression and the carpeted floor makes the homestay comfortable stay during chilling winter. Fresh home-cooked food is served at the open-air dining space. Food choices are limited but you can …