Old Silk Route

Serpentine snow-strewn roads, the admirable Kanchenjunga and its range, the historical Jelep-la leading to Tibet and a variety of geographical terrain – from Subtropical Pine forests to the high-altitude Sub-Alpine Forest, then to the red barren Tibetan cold desert.

This route connecting Tibet to the plains of Bengal is used from the ancient time. Though there is no proof of the silk trade through this route, it is now commonly known as “Old Silk Route”. A more appropriate name should be Young Husband Track, named after British officer who rediscovered the route during an expedition in 1904. Now, a zig zag curved road with panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Tibetan valleys takes you to the extraordinary barren land of a cold desert. Staying options are small basic homestays, food choices are limited, but hospitality unquestionable.

East Sikkim

Restricted entry. Inner Line Permit required.

How to reach

Bagdogra (IXB)
New Jalpaiguri


Comfortable summer
Heavy monsoon
Very cold winter

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