West Bengal

Homestay at Dalgaon, Rango

Surrounded by Himalayan tropical and sub-tropical dense forest, Dalgaon is an apparently new destination with very few homestays. It is located on the Rango(Rongo)-Gairibas Road, on the way to Jholung and Bindu.

This small village offers a splendid view of Neora Valley National park in the north, while
Chapramari resides in the south. Dalgaon is also known for its Cinchona Plantation and natural source of Himalyan medicinal plants.

The homestay at Dalgaon has four well-equipped rooms with attached western style washroom. Enjoy the green panoramic view, the Gurung Hospitality, and a quiet comfortable stay there. The food menu offers limited yet ‘delicious’ choice but who cares?

An advantage for hikers – go for the plantation trails or Neora River trail. We hate fishing. If you enjoy it, you can go for it. Birding is much better a hobby than fishing, Dalgaon offers that too.

DBR 1250 EP