Iartong Guest House, Mawlynnong

The villagers of Mawlynnong, the cleanest village in Asia, are keeping the surrounding environment clean as an age-old Khasi tradition. The village also has cent percent literacy and vaccination coverage. Each house has a toilet, along with a community owned toilet. By tradition, Khasi society is matrilineal and women are economically more powerful. So socially, it is a different India.

Mawlynnong is very close to world’s wettest places, so it has cloudy, moist look in the monsoon. The green moist surroundings, clean yet dump concrete roads, canopy bridges and bamboo-made walks above the giant trees, make Mawlynnong look like a village inside the rain forest. The living root bridges, the connection of people with the nature and many others abstruse realities live here.

Iartong Guest House is another small homestay at Mawlynnong owned by a local Khasi family. Infrastructure is moderate, but the hospitality is self-evident. And the veranda ends in the skywalk over the trees.
Room Tariff Plan
Double Bed Room 3500 EP