North Bengal, West Bengal

Kagey Homestay

Located at 20 Km from Kalimpong, Kagey (or Kagay কাগে) is a small village surrounded by lash green landscape and snow-capped mountains. The panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, multiple short trek and hiking routes, a nearby waterfall, and hospitality of the local residents make Kagey a special destination. It is located at the foothills of so-called “Old Silk Route” near Pedong.

Nearby attraction includes Okhlay (5km ride) – a shivalaya mandir is built above the rock on water; Musleri Dara (2 Km) – a silent valley for buddhist meditation; Mukti Falls (2 km) – the last falls of River Kagay where it mixes to River Mudung; Tam Falls (9 Km) – the highest falls of River Kagay. Hikers can go to the Celtic Hidden Cross in the forest of Benda, 4 Km drive, then 3 Km walk from Kagey. Dhami Falls, just 15 min hike from Kagey, should not be missed if you are staying here.

The family run homestay at Kagey is nicely built, small and clean stay for nature loving travelers. The rooms are attached with western baths. Local variety of foods are served from the house kitchen.