West Bengal

Kanchendzonga Cloud Camp, Sillery, Kalimpong

Kanchendzonga Cloud Camp is a scenic homestay at Sillery Village, Kalimpong, which is a lesser known place in Eastern Himalayas. The homestay is basic but clean and comfortable. With clean rooms attached to western toilets, warm blankets, tasty homely dishes and warmer hospitality of a Tamang family, Kanchendzonga Cloud Camp has so many things to offer.
At Sillery

  • Close panoramic view of Mt. Kanchendzonga
  • Enjoy walking in the cloud in the time of monsoon
  • Absolutely pollution free
  • Out of the reach of electricity and urbanization
  • Situated in the harmony of forest and hills
  • All basic amenities, clean rooms, sitting arrangements, western styled washrooms
  • Delicious homely dishes
  • Warm hospitality of the villagers

From Sillery

  • Hiking to Ramitey Point
  • Enjoy top view of River Tista from Ramitey Point
  • Trip to Rikisum, Tinchuley and Bhutan Monastry

Is it Sillerygaon ?
Yes. It is Sillerygaon. Actually there is no place called Sillerygaon. Sillery was wrongly promoted as Sillerygaon in some Bengali Travel Magazines. Please call it Sillery – it’s the original name.