West Bengal

Neora Valley (Kolakham) Eco Huts

Located at close proximity of Neora Valley National Park, Neora Valley (Kolakham) Eco Huts is a resourceful place for bird lovers and adventure seeking tourists. Kolakham village is a small habitat of eighty odd Rai families. It is 108 kms from Siliguri aand just 8 Kms from Lava. Natural forest surroundings and Mt. Kanchenjunga range of Eastern Himalayas make Kolakham a scenic delight. There are plenty of Himalayan and migratory birds in this area. You may enjoy trek routes started or circled at Kolakham.

Kolakham, a charming little village of Nepali Rais who have embraced a faith that forbids the consumption of alcohol, garlic or meat. The villagers here are extremely friendly. Birds and animals here have gotten used to the idea that humans are harmless, so they are relatively unafraid of birdwatchers and wildlife photographers. Kolakham is on the fringes of the national park, and offers great views of the mountains.

Neora Valley (Kolakham) Eco huts are the wooden lodges/log houses, offering basic and clean accommodation for travellers. There are three types of rooms – deluxe, log-huts and attic. The homely warm reception and service will make you happy and coherent with the nature. The house-hole kitchen will serve you tasty dishes of local variety.

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RoomTariff Type Plan
DRONGO 2600 Front Attic Rooms & Super Deluxe Suite EP
DRONGO 2400 Roadside Attic Rooms EP
MINIVET 2000 Log Huts EP
WAGTAIL 1600 Deluxe Rooms EP
Service Charge 10%On tariff