West Bengal

The Kumai Tea Estate

The tea garden of Kumai is located near Samsing, roughly 80 Km from NJP. The tea garden, surrounded by Kumai forest in the south-east, and Rongpo forest range of Neora Valley National park in the north, has a surreal purity of nature. In the placid backdrop of tea plantation, the tiny road with harmonious up and down, make Kumai a completely distinct experience.

If you are adventurous, you can hike inside the Neora Valley National Park, or trek to Togtongay. You can also explore the culture of the local people, explore the organic tea processing, or the cinchona plantation to learn medicinal plant cultivation.

To stay at Kumai, there is a well-built homestay just beside the forest namely Gorkha Homestay. It is a family run accommodation offering stay in three comfortable rooms with baths, freshly cooked food, and open air dining.