Kutmadan Resort, Sohra

The resort at Kutmadan, Cherrapunjee (Sohra) is a small three cottage property at a large plot of land just next to the monotony of a saga of dancing clouds, stormy winds, and heavy shower. Kutmadan resort offers the closest encounter with a very different kind of ambiance that Sohra is known for.

“Kut madan” means “The End of the Land” in Khasi language. This is where the land just decides to tumble down a steep cliff and meet the plains below. As the hills meet the plains, simultaneously India meets Bangladesh, And Kutmadan just happens to be the best seat in the house to witness this confluence between geographies.

History and Myth of Kutmadan

hipsterlogogenerator_1427747747999Cherra Companyganj State Railways (CCSR) was a narrow gauge mountain railway that existed in British India. The railway operated between Tharia, a mining town in Meghalaya and Companyganj, now in Sylhet District of Bangladesh, for a distance of 12.1 km.

Right at the end of the (Cherrapunjee) plateau is Kut Madan (literally, the edge of the flat). Here lived Harry Inglis, a local merchant who monopolised the lime and orange trade in the 1830s and 1840s. After his death, his widow Sophie installed her husband’s corpse in a glass coffin on the verandah, telling the Khasis ‘that he would rise from the dead and avenge himself on any person who wronged her’. Sophie’s logic played on the fear the Khasis still felt of Harry’s power, even in death. Under Harry’s agreements with the Khasis, his leases on the orange groves were good for his lifetime, which in Khasi translated as ‘for as long as he remained above the ground’.

In the 1860s, Kut Madan became ‘Emma Ville’, the home of John Bird Shadwell (1819-1908), Assistant Commissioner of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills, and his wife Emma nee Brockway.
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The Resort

Kutmadan resort has four standard rooms and one suite in the cottages. All the cottages are tastefully built and has attached modern washroom.


From Kutmadan resort, you can start a nice long trek to the neighbouring village of Sohkhmi and then to the Umrew River. The trek is long and worth every step and once you get there, you will be left spellbound by the beauty of this place. At the end of the trek, you will be greeted by the crystal clear River which can be considered as one of the hidden jewels of Meghalaya. Kutmadan resort organises guided treks to Sohkhmi and Wah Umrew where you can camp by the River for a night or two, explore and get to know the place and its people, eat with them, fish and take dips in the crystal clear water a of the Umrew river.