Himachal Pradesh

Narkhanda, Himachal Pradesh

Far away from the cityscape bustle, Narkhanda is your perfect holiday hill escapade, sitting atop 2708 meters on the Hindustan-Tibet road. Think wondrous Himachal snow lines, deep dense forests, dotted with apple orchards, and an amazing, amazing skiing spot – and, Narkhanda has all this and more for you. Closely connected by bus / cab services, Narkhanda is just a couple of hours away from Shimla.

Go hiking to the Hatu Peak or Kacheri and experience Nature in all its glory. Set a date with the local culture and history as you visit the ancient Mahamaya Temple, just 7 km away from Narkhanda. Plan a day’s trip to Kotgarh and Thanedhar – lovingly called the ‘Himachal’s Horticultural heartland’ and spend a day at the Stokes Farm – famous for its lovely apple orchards. The spectacular Jallori Pass and the Sarolsar Lake among dense greens have in store for you the grandest of the Kullu Valley sceneries.




Famous for its skiing and winter sports, the Narkhanda slopes come abuzz with skiers. If that gives you much adrenaline rush, plan your holidays around the time when HPTDC conducts their annual skiing courses.

Choose from a wide range of deluxe hotels and tourist resorts. Studded with luxury facilities and varied accommodation options, these are among the finest getaway spots along the Himachal.



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