Saitsohpen Heritage Stay, Cherrapunjee

Stay type
Room type
  • Double Bed Room
Double Bed Room (Double Occupancy + Tax)
per room
Twin Bed Room (Double Occupancy + Tax)
per room
  • Restaurant
  • Parking
  • Lawn
Cancellation Policy
  • According to property's policy

Located at the heart of Cherrapunjee, Saitsohpen is a small village, atop a quaint hillock near the Market area of Sohra, a prime central location in the town. The tastefully built heritage stay has big comfortable rooms with modern amenities including attached western-style baths and balcony. The unquestionable hospitality of the owner cum host makes this stay a special place.c

PLANS: EP- Only Stay , CP- Stay with breakfast, MAP- Stay with breakfast, lunch or dinner, AP- Stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Extra person charges are separate. Tax inclusive.
Location: Meghalaya