East Sikkim, Sikkim

Silent Wood Retreat, Padamchen

Padamchen (Phadamchen) is a small village in East Sikkim, located on the Young Husband Track (commonly known as the Old Silk Route), just 14 Km uphill from Rongli and 4 Km downhill from Dzuluk. Due to its placement on a slope, the temperature does not fall to a sub-zero in winters, making it a preferable stay point in the route. It offers the unobstructed view of barren mountains of Tibetan plateau yet has better infrastructure than Dzuluk.

Padamchen is located at 8000ft above the sea level and inside the Himalayan temperate forest with a large avian population. The Thambi View Point, where from you can gaze The Kanchenjunga range in a 360° diorama, is 18 Km from here. In a drive through the Old Silk Route, you can enjoy the zig-zag turns and loops of the track, the high-altitude lakes at Kupup and Memencho, the Tibetan village at Gnathang and a colourful sunset in the valley.

Silent Wood Retreat is located in the middle of a private forest at Padamchen. This colourful, small accommodation is tastefully built on a slope and operated by a friendly family. The rooms are clean and comfortable with attached, western bathroom.