Sikkim, South Sikkim

Sumbuk, Kitam, Greater Rangit, Sikkim

The proposed Kitam Bird Sanctuary is a sub-tropical reserve forest located at Greater Rangit area of south Sikkim. The river Rangit, originated from West Sikkim, flows through this place before meeting Teesta more south.

Threatened Bird Species at Kitam Bird Sanctuary (IBA 2001)

Threatened Bird Species at Kitam Bird Sanctuary (IBA 2001)

Kitam Bird Sanctuary
The Tropical Ecoregion extends roughly from the foothills of the Outer Himalayas to an altitude of about 1,200 m. It contains steep-sided valleys and gorges with well-drained flanking slopes.Various species of orchids, Rhapidophora , wild banana, Pandanus , nettles and giant bamboo are characteristic of the region. In the region of Rangit Valley, Sal Shorea robusta shows an unique association with the Chir Pine Pinus roxburghii . In patches of protected forest, it is possible to see the weak Sal being slowly dominated by the Pine. The lowland forests are home to several threatened species of birds such as the Rufous-necked Hornbill Aceros nipalensis, the Great Pied Hornbill Buceros bicornis and the Chestnut-breasted Partridge Arborophila mandelli. Other lowland fauna includes the introduced Peafowl Pavo cristatus, python, geckos, and Barking Deer Muntiacus muntjak and a host of butterflies. Several species of migratory waterbirds use the river systems during transit. A representative area of the Kitam Reserve Forests is proposed to be notified as a bird sanctuary. The Sub-Tropical ecoregion extends from about 1,800 m to 3,000 m. The rainfall in this zone is very heavy and conditions remain humid throughout the year.

Sumbuk, SikkimSumbuk is small village at Greater Rangit area adjacent to Kitam Bird Sanctuary. Sumbuk has multi-ethnic human habitat with strong cultural variety. There are schools and community center at the village. It is well connected to Siliguri through NH31 (110 Kms). Local places of interest beside the bird sanctuary include Peacock Breeding Forest (southern slope of Sumbuk), Kolompe Rocky Mountain (towards Namchi), Phool Dhara (hill top of Sumbuk village).
Your hosts in Sumbuk Homestay
Prahlad Homestay is a village homestay at Sumbuk, ran by very warm Rai family. Accommodation is basic but clean with attached western-styled washroom. Home cooked foods are served, though choices are limited. These are places we like and explore – places to ‘be here’.