Tarush Lodge, Abbott Mount

A 80 year old British building situated at a height of 6500ft, the Tarush Lodge, Abbott Mount is a vacationers delight. Tarush Lodge, Abbott Mount is close to Lohaghat and only a 6 hours drive from Ranikhet. Surrounded by the Deodar trees the Tarush Lodge is one of the finest buildings to spend your holidays.

There are 4 huge rooms with attached bathrooms in Tarush Lodge, Abbott Mount. A beautiful drawing room with a fireplace and an adjoining dining space with its own cutlery, OTG, Coffee Maker,and a refrigerator makes it a perfect place to enjoy your own cozy holidays. The library has good collection of books.

Where is Abbott Mount?
This place was discovered by Britisher John Abbott (whose descendants now live in Jhansi) in the pre-independence era and he decided to name the hill after himself. He built 13 cottages here and some of these still survive. Panorama takes a new meaning as you treat yourself to views of peaks like Trishul, Nanda Kot, Nanda Ghunti and the Nanda Devi spanning in an arc in front of you across a valley. This is the place where you just walk around amidst the woods with no traffic or sounds, sip tea with clouds below and watch beautiful sunsets. There is a church built in 1942, locked now, where prayers are supposedly still held once or twice a year. You can even play a game of cricket on what is claimed to be the second highest pitch after Chail in Himachal Pradesh at just under 7,000 feet.