North Sikkim, Sikkim

Thangshing Homestay, Lachung

Beautifully located in the mesmerising village of Lachung in North Sikkim, Thangsing Homestay is a real feel of home in the midst of nature. The family run homestay is an epitome of culture. The owner herself is so knowledgable about Tibetan and Bhutia culture that you are well aware of their ways of life and worship at the end of your trip. The rooms are beautifully done with pine wood. They are well prepared to beat the cold weather of high altitude. The food prepared in the homestay is done with local ingredients. It will give you a real gastronomic feel. Thangsing homestay is definitely a place to stay when in North Sikkim to enjoy and enrich yourself with the real Tibetan culture. If you can visit during Losar you will be part of the Tibetan warmth and culture and worship in a different way.