The Lake Village, Naukuchiatal

The Lake Village, Naukuchiatal is set in a beautiful location with hand sculpted gardens dreamly overlooking the lake to the front and touches the hills to the sides. The Lake Village is inspired by the Tarai architecture blending local materials covered with thatched verandahs & roofs to give you the lazy charm of a scripted village.
There are three types of accommodation in the Lake Village, Naukuchiatal, The Cottage, The Gazebo, and the Log Hut. The Cottage gives a picture of a true hill cottage, nestled in a quaint valley facing the true landscape of the lake. This comfortable residence is your ideal luxury accommodation for a family of four. The Gazebo is a large round residence, well appointed in hand sculpted gardens, built aesthetically in traditional Kumaoni style of architecture utilizing local materials. The Log Hut as the name suggests, this fairly large rectangular accommodation has a thatched roof with log wood flooring and wall paneling that extends the warmth and feel of living in a true log hut up in the mountains.