The Misty Mountains, Jhaltola, Chaukori

The Misty Mountains is at Jhaltola, Chaukori one of the last remaining once-upon-a-time-estates in Kumaon. Some others being Chaukori, Berinag, Kausani, Jalna, and Sitlakhet. It is a relatively new destination (set up in April 2009). It is what Binsar or Chaukori was 10 years ago – an unspoilt gift of nature with a 1000 acres of forests around it.
It took me 3 years of full time travel to the nook and corners of Kumaon to finally select this Offbeat Destination as a place to create a heaven for families to have a true vacation. A vacation where you could actually get away from ‘it all’. Just spend quality time with your loved ones while being pampered with home-like food, warm hospitality and our personal attention.