Terms and Condition

Ontrip or Ontrip.in is the same functional entity. Ontrip is a trade name – not a company name. Ontrip is represented by freelance travel consultants.
Ontrip.in offers travel information, maps, photographs, videos to visitors as-is and without any guarantee. Information and materials provided here are free to distribute under Creative Common 3.0 – Share alike – Attribution – Unported. However the trade name ‘Ontrip’, the ‘O’ logo and structure/design of the site are copyright restricted.

Hotels and homestays promoted here are not owned by Ontrip. Ontrip is not responsible for any unlawful business practices by those entities.

Ontrip does not offer any insurance – travel or health under any circumstances.

Ontrip does not hold any responsibility for travel delay, government policies/restriction and natural calamities. Travellers hold the sole responsibility of travel.